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Customization step by step


STEP 1 - Tell Us About Your Ideas

General Description -To provide general description of your customized product. ex: dog with shirt /
bear with scarf / monkey with bow.

2) Estimate Size - Please provide both sitting and standing size.

3) Art works - Send us the artworks by email if you have. If you don't have any art works or picture to provide,
we will create one for you base on general description.

4) Minimum Order Quantity - The minimum order quantity depends on sizes.
Size 6" - 8" is 1200 pcs.
Size over 9" is 600 pcs.
5) Target Price - Please tell us your target price range of the product per piece.

STEP 2 - Making Your Samples
We will design and make samples base on your ideas. It normally takes about 30 days to get your first sample.
After confirming all details of sample, we will provide you a prototype that you can show buyers as well.
To protect your ideas, w
e can sign a NDA (Non Disclosure Agreement) if you need. Base on the contract,
we cant reproduce your products without your permission.

STEP 3 - To Get Your Products
It takes about 60-75 days to get your production after you confirm the sample. For toys safety, all of our products
meet ASTM standard which enacted by US and international governments. W
e also offer liability insurance to
protect customer.

Our knowledgeable professional customer service will work with you,help you with your specific questions,
and update the status of your customized plush toys!